Starcraft 2 Strategies – Cannon Rush

There are a number of effective Starcraft 2 strategies available to help a player reach another level in his ability to play the game. This article will briefly discuss the cannon rush as a Starcraft 2 strategy.

The cannon rush provides a very effective way for you to take out an enemy. However, this strategy requires a certain amount of skill and timing and will only be effective when all things are just right. I must also make it clear that amongst other Starcraft 2 strategies, this strategy will only be effective when it is applied to Terran and Protoss players. This is a very important point since this strategy will rarely work wonderfully on any other players except these. For instance, Cannon rush fails often on Zerg players as they have a tendency to get zerglings early in the game and this can dismantle plan.

Protoss is usually the best target for the cannon rush since Terran have capabilities that limit the effectiveness of the cannon rush. Thus I recommend only one cannon rush especially if the opposing players have finished selecting their race from the loading screen…

When playing Zerg vs Protoss it is important to note that the tactic of surprise is very significant in this regards. This is because most players do not anticipate a cannon rush. Thus, the longer you can keep the opponent from knowing that you are Protoss the more effective your rush will be. It is useful in this regards to select random as your race.

I usually take this into account when I am playing in a 2 vs 2 situation or against two enemy players who have selected Protoss. It will depend on whether I’m fortunate enough to randomly receive Protoss as a race. If this is the case and my two enemy players have Protoss as well, I might immediately go according to plan because there is no risk in this case. This strategy has numerous advantages and the enemy will not see what’s happening until it is too late. By the time the enemy becomes aware of your strategy you will already have your cannons in their base. By this point there is usually little that the opposing player can do and you will be successful with your cannon rush. Thus with the right conditions, it can be an extremely effective Starcraft 2 strategy. This will depend on how you actually put your cannon rush into motion, just like any other Starcraft 2 strategies.

When you start off you should send a probe to scout the enemy. It is very important that when that probe is going to the enemy’s base that you should construct one more probe to harvest minerals. This is so you will have enough minerals to construct a forge by the time your original probe is in position. In one on one play, this will allow you to slowly move your cannons into play. Also in 2 vs 2 games this will allow you to reach the enemy’s command center with your very first or second cannon. These are the first steps of an effective cannon rush strategy.

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Ragdoll Cannon

A Ragdoll cannon is a vast game as far as ragdoll cannon series are concerned. The game requires shooting the ragdoll from the cannon and needing to hit the target. The game has additional diversity of player levels and that makes the game, a great fun while playing.

To play the game, we need to log on to the ragdoll official website and click on the relevant link. Then, windows will pop-up and we could see various options. On the top of the window, we could see links like, “Play Ragdoll Canon” and “Play Ragdoll Canon 2”. The first screen would consist of “Play”, “High Scores”, “Achievements”, “Create Own Levels”, “More Games”, along with “Bubble Box.Com”. These options are present to standardize the game. After clicking on the “play” option, we would directly get into the first level. There, we need to use the mouse pointer and need to point at the target to gain access to the next level. With each mouse click, a rug doll will come out. We need to increase the speed of the shooting if the target is at a distance from the canon. In this way, we need to control the mouse clicks, so that one of the rug dolls could reach the target. For the next level, we could see a message on the screen called “Hit HERE to go to the next level”. Overall, there are 20 levels in the game; nevertheless we can also enjoy 5 additional levels which is on behalf of the Ragdoll games. Though, these extra features can be only accessed through the official website.

As far as compatibility is concerned, none of the players have ever come up with similar issues. On the other hand, it is suggested to make use of the most recent version of Flash players to get the ultimate gaming experience. Apart from these features, the game has “High Scores”, “Achievements” and “Create Own Levels” options. Under “High Scores”, a player can check the highest score made till date. Then, the “Achievements” option is for the evaluation of each level played. A detailed review could be seen under the same option. With the feature of “Create Own Levels”, we can make levels as per our convenience and make unusual backgrounds.

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